Family can be a wonderful thing

Ok so the good news is that my school term for the fall is coming and might give me a chance to actually do more of the whole ancestry research. I haven’t spoken to my cousin and I’m not at all good at waiting on others to do what I started.

But this post is not at all about this. I had an opportunity to meet a cousin of mine, but like I had said in previous post I was not able to meet her face to face because of factors that where in the way. I spoke with her via and app on my phone that is just like texting but without the charges of the whole international thing cells phones do.

Well I have been speaking with her and she is a very sweet girl. I love that we get along so well and easily. I have cut and extended relationships with family members and very happy that I get a chance to build a relationship with such a wonderful person. She made me realize that some family in your corner is a wonderful thing.


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